Fujifilm XF 33mm f1.4 R LM WR Lens

Fuji have fairly recently released a batch of new lenses that have the capability to match the iminent new bodies with upgraded sensors. The 33mm f1.4 could be considered a replacement for the 35mm f1.4, a slight wider focal length with the same aperture range. The technical differences being resolution capability, focus speed and sharpness. The lens carries a bit more weight than the 35mm and is around 50% bigger, but doesn't feel to bad mounted to my XT-3. When I pick a lens it's down to quality of the output and this one really delivers. It is also weather sealed.

While the original is great lens (I own it), this one is optically superior in my opinion, I don't care for charts and so on, I just look at the output - and I don't mean pixel peeping at stupid % zoom. You can see even at wide open apertures this lens performs better and keeps sharpness across the frame. A fair few people have stated the new lens doesn't have the character of the original, but if character means optical imperfections I'll just shake my head and move on. As a professional photographer who wants to give the utmost quality to my clients, including bespoke fashion labels, I'll take this new one thanks. You can read all kinds of opinions on the Internet, and a prominent Instagram poster (yeah, I know) regarding Fuji gear told me he buys their gear because of how it looks, and he really didn't like this new lens. Each to their own.

The lens does cost £699 compared to the older 35mm f1.4 at £500 currently in Jessops, but you're getting the improvements mentioned above - optically superior, rapid linear focusing for far less missed shots in a fast moving environment, and weather sealing. The only downside for me is that the older 35mm includes a fabulous metal hood as well as a plastic one, and it can be purchased separately at around £64 for the new lens. The new 33mm is a professional grade premium lens, come on Fuji.

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