• Laurence Taylor

7 Artisans 25mm f/1.8 for Fuji X

For some time I've wanted a little lens to complement my Fuji XE3. I use this camera as a backup but it's also a handy size to throw in your pocket and head out with, all it needs is a lens to complement the form factor. I looked at the Fuji 27mm pancake lens but at over £300 new I was a little put off despite Fuji's top notch quality. Having used 3rd party lenses in the past such as the wonderful Samyang 12mm, I searched a little and came across the 25mm lens by 7 Artisans with a very attractive price of £79. It's manual focus but who cares? with things like focus peaking I get get where I need quickly, and I'm not using this for my professional portraiture work anyway, it's a lens for me to enjoy and get back to the basic of photography with.

Trees in Wells Park, Sydenham, SE26.  Taken with 7 Artisans 25mm on Fuji XE3.  Processed in Capture One.
Sydenham Wells Park

I'm not one for going into masses of details about gear, so I'll just say that it's packaged wonderfully, has a quality build and so far I think the image quality is great. I'm not looking for super sharpness in every lens, I'm looking for quality and a little bit of soul. This lens certainly seems to have it. The sharpness is dependent on you, for my personal work I have no interest in tack sharp, high megapixel images to please pixel peepers. My inspirations are Todd Hido and Daido Moriyama, you think I care about MTF charts or anything super technical? think again.

An off the cuff image taken on my stroll in Wells Park Sydenham, SE26.  Taken with the 7 Artisans 25mm for Fuji X.
My Favourite Tree, Sydenham Wells Park

The lens can be focused at very short distances, if you don't have the steadiest hands you might want a tripod here as you can easily move in and out of focus when shooting wide open.

Taken with the 7 Artisans 25mm for Fuji X.  Taken in Sydenham Wells Park, SE26.
A leaf in Wells Park, Sydenham

So far I'm very pleased with this lens. I'll probably go out a little more after lockdown and put this through its paces a little more.