Headshots for Actors

As a professional photographer who has shot many headshots for actors, I understand the need to create an accurate representation of the client.  Below is some information about my shoots and general recommendations.  Interested in a headshot session?  Fill in the form later on this page.


An authentic photograph

Headshots for actors should be a true representation of yourself.  It's about showing your personality over glamour.  The headshots need minimal editing, a temporary blemish can be removed but a casting agent expects you to look like your photo. A natural looking, correctly exposed photograph that will engage a casting directory is the aim.


No Gimmicks

The headshot you're going to send to a casting agent is all about you.  No lighting trickery, no props or anything else that will distract from your face and your personality.



Your clothing like everything is here should be kept simple, no busy shirts or blouses, no fashion headwear or excessive makeup.  Wear clothing that fits well, while looser clothing is more comfortable, tighter clothing often looks better on camera. Pick something that compliments your skin tones, and I'll pick a backdrop to match.  A headshot should be mostly straight on to the camera, both eyes sharp and your face completely on show.


Take Your Time

My headshot sessions are relaxed.  I offer a minimum of at least an hour of time for shooting, but first I like to get to know the person over a coffee, tea or beverage of choice, and I'm always happy to chat with potential clients before booking about what they require.  Building a rapport with the client makes the session far more relaxed and the results always better. 

We can shoot at a time of day convenient to you, if you feel at your best in the mornings then that's when we shoot.  The choice is yours, I want to take the best image for you to put you ahead of the pack.

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