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Why get a headshot?

Your headshot is the first place people will go on your professional profile.  What does this photo say about you?

A clean, accurate headshot taken by a professional photographer will leave a lasting, positive impression.

What I offer

I offer a relaxed headshot session with no set time limit to ensure you get the results you need. Some people may want a more creative headshot, while others such as actors may want a cleanly lit headshot to show to casting agents.


I shoot from my home in Sydenham or visit clients at their location in the London area.

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Actor Headshot

My style

I shoot people in a natural style, whether I'm shooting a creative headshot in black and white, or a clean cut image with simple white background, I like people to look real.  I edit photos to remove blemishes and make the subject look their best.


At my home in Sydenham £150

Visiting within London £175

Contact for corporate haf/ full day rates

Actor Headshot.jpg
Actor Headshot

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